Nei Jing Style Acupuncture with a Modern Application of Micro Current Therapy.

Nei Jing Style Acupucnture

Historical based acupuncture science backed by modern technology

Over the past 16 years the acupuncture style practiced here at Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has evolved greatly. With more and more emphasis on classical applications of acupuncture discussed in the Nei Jing we have adopted a unique style that incorporated both ancient, classical principles of physiology, and medicine. We have learned to combine these ancient principles with modern research on Micro current therapies. The two combined therapies has created a style of acupuncture that is highly effective, fast and acute.


Treatments Given


Years of Clinical Experience

Why Acupuncture?

Please watch this short video of Seth Drake L.Ac MSOM discussing the finer points of acupuncture, what it is good for, what t is not good for and when someone should look to acupuncture for their medical care.

Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been shown to increase circulation and blood flow to specific areas of the body, depending on where we place the needles. The effects of acupuncture are vast, however the most common understanding of acupuncture are the effects it has on blood circulation and on the central nervous system.


Acupuncture is believed to influence the circulation of  blood flow and increase the circulation of blood in specific areas of the body.


Acupuncture has also been shown to reduce inflammation, promote the release of anti inflammatory mediators and substances such as Adenosine.


Other effects of acupuncture include stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and reducing stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system.  In short acupuncture can reduce the natural fight or flight responses in the body.


Acupuncture needles are quite small and pain free. A good majority of our patients experience a since of calmness, and well-being that lasts for several hours after a treatment.

At our Acupuncture Clinic treatments last for around 30-40 minutes. A typical office visit is 60 min long. Most patients will experience immediate effects in the reduction of most types of pain.


With longer standing condition patients may take up to 24-36 hours after a treatment to notice relief in their symptoms. However, every patient is different and results will vary.


For problems that do not have acute obvious symptoms such as insomnia, PMS, Infertility, and seasonal allergies. Acupuncture may take up to several weeks to several months to show improvement in the condition at hand.

Most people report that they feel nothing during an acupuncture treatment. It is very common to feel only a slight prick when the needle is inserted into the skin, however this sensation fades almost immediately. Acupuncture needles are very thin and filiform, meaning not hollow. The thinness of the needle allows it to enter the skin without damaging or cutting the surrounding tissue. Common sensations during an acupuncture treatment include warmth around the site of needle insertion, tingling sensations, pressure and some sensations of movement on the skin. The majority of patients report a sense of calmness and comfort after the needles are inserted.

Some patients may experience some of the following side effects following an acupuncture treatment.
  • Increase in symptoms temporarily
  • Increase in production of hormones
  • Sleepiness, drowsiness and minor fatigue
  • Minor soreness at the site on needle insertion
  • Increase or decrease in appetite
  • Increase in urination and or bowl movements
  • Changes in body temperature
  • Changes in sleep Patterns

This is a personal choice for you. For matters of safety and experience make sure you work with someone that has a proven track record, has at least a Masters in Acupuncture and or Chinese Medicine, is credentialed by a national board like the NCCAOM and is licensed in the state that they practice in. All states have different requirements. The practitioner should have experience with the condition that you present with and have a good reputation online.

Client Testimonials

Skin Rash

"Seth's mastery of Chinese Medicine went right to the core of my health issues (eg, severely fissured tongue, fingernail ridges and skin rashes). By drinking his Chinese herb teas, most of my problems were gone is less than six months. Seth is so knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend." Lisa E.


"Seth Drake is an excellent doctor. Friendly, professional, and has always been on time. Fixed my jaw problem and my husband's low back pain with herbs very quickly. He uses tongue and pulse diagnosis.Highly recommend!" Denise B.

Vocal Cord Injury

"After experiencing vocal cord pain and inflammation for about 3 months I started to look for other strategies for recovery besides the doctors I had seen. I worked with Seth for about a month and made a full recovery. I noticed long term improvement as well as rapid onset improvement during sessions. Highly recommend!" Peter M.

Successful Pregnancy

“My husband and I were trying for 2 years to get pregnant with nothing working out. Wanting to stick to the natural route, I figured out my body temperature was too low. Dr. Seth helped me get my temperature and hormones back up to normal levels with his Chinese herbs, and within 2 months I got pregnant! I’m continuing to take the herbs to help balance my levels throughout my pregnancy too. I’m extremely grateful for his services and would recommend him to any couple trying to get pregnant!” Kyrie R.

IVF Support

"I was preparing for an IVF transfer and my doctor recommended acupuncture to increase blood flow and improve our chances for success. I became a patient of Seth’s a few months before our scheduled transfer date, never having received acupuncture before. Seth was open and transparent in his treatment approach and methods and made me feel at ease from the first session. His invaluable knowledge and encouragement helped us achieve a successful transfer and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of fertility support." Regina B

Back and Hip Pain

"I have had a chronic problem with lower back pain and tightness in my glute for many years. I have not been able to golf, mow the lawn, vacuum and change the sheets on the bed without severe pain. I checked out several acupuncturists online. Rocky Mountain Acupuncture was close to where I live, had very good reviews, and was affordable. Seth is very knowledgeable in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He took the time to understand my problem. I was feeling much better after a couple of sessions. After 6 sessions, I am able to golf, Mow the lawn, vacuum and change the bed without pain!!! My back will still get a little stiff, but the severe pain is gone!!! I have highly recommended him to my friends!!!" Cheryl J

Skin Rash

"I was recently diagnosed with a skin condition called lichen planus after going on a new Blood Pressure medication. I was introduced to Seth through another practitioner I new and within 2 weeks of seeing him the severe itchy rash that ." Carol C.


"I started going to Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic in February 2021 for eczema on my hands (see before picture). I’ve been taking herbs for about six months and my hands are almost completely cleared up! Definitely recommend visiting.“ Rachel E.


"Seth is great. He really listens and is a miracle worker. I’ve had 4 to 5 migraines a week for a long time. Now I’m down to one mild one maybe over a two week period. That is a huge quality of life improvement!!!!! Kim, E.

Drop Foot and SIBO

"I came to Seth with a very challenging health situation and he admittedly said I was the first. That didn’t stop him from researching and attacking it head on. I truly believe my nerve function was restored in part to his expertise. His genuine care, compassion and encouragement made a huge difference.” Charlene S.

Chronic Fatigue and Depression

"My experience with Seth Drake at Rocky Mountain was and is transformative. As someone new to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, I appreciated that Set was very clear about what to expect from treatment and how he could help. After 4 months, my energy has dramatically changed. It is truly astounding to me because over the course of treatment, there were so many small changes. And now as I reflect, I am overjoyed with how much better I feel. I have tried a number of things that seemed to only treat symptoms. This work heals at the core of an issue. I would absolutely recommend this clinic for just about anything that you might need help with.“ Carol B.

Ulcerative Colitis

"Seth is amazing! He really knows his stuff. He has been successfully treating my Ulcerative Colitis! I have had more success and relief with him after a few months than I had in a decade with allopathic doctors. I had tried another acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist several years ago. That practitioner was stumped by my problems and was completely unhelpful. Not Seth. Seth looked me in the eye with confidence and said he could help me. 🙂 They are not all created equal. Thank you for doing what you do, Seth!" Rebecca M.