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Sucessful Pregnancy

Seth was recommended to me by a good friend last year when I was struggling to get pregnant. I started on the herbs and acupuncture and was pregnant within 2 months of treatments. Now we have a beautiful baby girl! Thank you so much Seth, you are a blessing.

Erika S.

Recurrent Wrist Pain for 2 years

My experience has been quite life changing. I had a long term wrist injury that started affecting my forearm and elbow and had trouble washing dishes, holding my 15 lb cat among other normal activities. After a couple months of acupuncture, moxabustion and herbs I was able to start some normal activities. I felt like I was his only client based on the time spent and his level of care. I definitely recommend him!

Katy A.

Toe Pain, and Vertigo

I can highly recommend Seth Drake for acupuncture and Chinese herbal care. He runs a very professional office and obviously has a great understanding of illness and symptoms and knows how to approach a wide range of issues. His office is well run and has great communication with its patients. The environment is clean and positive. I would recommend this office to you!

David L.

Acute Kidney Failure

Seth is amazing! I came to see him for kidney issues. I was in acute failure and has some progress working with traditional medicine. I was told by my nephrologist that I was as good as I was going to get which was still not close to normal. I reached out to Seth and with a combination of herbs and acupuncture over the last 4 months all of my kidney values are normal. I appreciate the time and attention and am grateful that he could get me to a better place than traditional medicine! Thanks Seth!

Jeanelle K.

Bell's Palsey

My husband came to Rocky Mountain Acupuncture to treat his Bell’s palsy. His face was drooping on one side and he had intense pain in his ear. After several weeks of acupuncture and herbs, he was much better and his condition completely resolved in 6 weeks. Since his treatment was so successful, I started to see Seth for my esophagus and back pain. He was very thorough and kept trying different approaches to treat my conditions until they resolved. Seth is a knowledgeable, kind and caring practitioner. I highly recommend him!

Claire C.

Back Pain and Jaw Pain

Seth Drake is an excellent doctor. Friendly, professional, and has always been on time. Fixed my jaw problem and my husband’s low back pain with herbs very quickly. He uses tongue and pulse diagnosis.Highly recommend!

Denise B.

Bell's Palsey

Seth had been treating my daughter for hip and quad pain from soccer and she had been in pain for over a year, and with Seth’s treatments she is now pain free. Recently I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and with Seth’s help and treatment within a couple months, I had no more symptoms. I highly recommend Seth for any ailments or problems you may have. Thanks Seth.

Randy V.

Hip Injury From Soccer

I went to Seth with a lot of hip pain. He was very understanding about my problem, and asked a lot of questions. After each session, my pain would feel so much better. After going to Seth for awhile, my pain was almost gone. I’ve come back when the pain comes back, and Seth is always able to take or away or minimize the pain. He’s very kind and understanding, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to try acupuncture.

Claire V.

IVF Success

I was preparing for an IVF transfer and my doctor recommended acupuncture to increase blood flow and improve our chances for success. I became a patient of Seth’s a few months before our scheduled transfer date, never having received acupuncture before. Seth was open and transparent in his treatment approach and methods and made me feel at ease from the first session. His invaluable knowledge and encouragement helped us achieve a successful transfer and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of fertility support!

Regina B.

IBS and Tennis Elbow

I’ve been seeing Seth at Rocky Mountain Acupuncture for about 6 weeks now and I am very pleased with my results. I originally went in for a tennis elbow injury and that has been feeling a lot better since starting acupuncture. I’m also getting herbal treatment from Seth for digestive issues and I am truly impressed with how much that has improved. I’ve tried so many different supplements/diets/etc throughout the years with little success, but the herbs that Seth prescribes have just about cured my issues. I highly recommend seeing Seth; I’ve seen a lot of acupuncturists throughout the years and Seth is one of the best.

Raffy H.

Low Back and Hip Pain

I have had a chronic problem with lower back pain and tightness in my glute for many years. I have not been able to golf, mow the lawn, vacuum and change the sheets on the bed without severe pain. I checked out several acupuncturists online. Rocky Mountain Acupuncture was close to where I live, had very good reviews, and was affordable. Seth is very knowledgeable in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He took the time to understand my problem. I was feeling much better after a couple of sessions. After 6 sessions, I am able to golf, Mow the lawn, vacuum and change the bed without pain!!! My back will still get a little stiff, but the severe pain is gone!!! I have highly recommended him to my friends!!!

Cheryl J.

Vocal Cord Injury Professional Singer

After experiencing vocal cord pain and inflammation for about 3 months I started to look for other strategies for recovery besides the doctors I had seen. I worked with Seth for about a month and made a full recovery. I noticed long term improvement as well as rapid onset improvement during sessions. Highly recommend!

Peter V.

Eczema, Tongue Pain and Brittle Nails

Seth’s mastery of Chinese Medicine went right to the core of my health issues (eg, severely fissured tongue, fingernail ridges and skin rashes). By drinking his Chinese herb teas, most of my problems were gone is less than six months. Seth is so knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend.

Lisa E.

Difficulty Getting Pregnant

My husband and I were trying for 2 years to get pregnant with nothing working out. Wanting to stick to the natural route, I figured out my body temperature was too low. Dr. Seth helped me get my temperature and hormones back up to normal levels with his Chinese herbs, and within 2 months I got pregnant! I’m continuing to take the herbs to help balance my levels throughout my pregnancy too. I’m extremely grateful for his services and would recommend him to any couple trying to get pregnant!

Kyrie R.

Neck Pain and Loss of Strength and Feeling in Arm

Seth is unbelievably knowledgeable. I had tried just about everything to relieve my back pain–After one visit I noticed a major difference. Can’t thank Seth enough for what he did for me!

Chad S.

Review From Another Acupuncturist

Seth is an excellent practitioner! He has helped me with a few personal issues and helped me to help my patients especially with chronic skin issues like acne and eczema. I would highly recommend Seth to anyone seeking care in the Pickens South Carolina area.

Chris V.

Happy Patient

Seth’s diagnosis and herbal prescription was spot-on and greatly helped both my wife and myself. Through our communications I could tell that he really knows his stuff, and it became obvious that he has a lot of experience and so is able to fine-tune the appropriate treatment to the individual and their unique circumstances. I can also tell that he is committed to using only the highest-quality herbs. The experience overall was great and handled very professionally. I will have no hesitation going back for treatment involving any of the various Chinese medical modalities that he has expertise in. Highly recommended! You will be in good hands!

Craig B.

Successful Pregnancy

Seth was recommended to me by a good friend last year when I was struggling to get pregnant. I started on the herbs and acupuncture and was pregnant within 2 months of treatments. Now we have a beautiful baby girl! Thank you so much Seth, you are a blessing.

Erika S.

Foot Drop

I came to Seth with a very challenging health situation and he admittedly said I was the first. That didn’t stop him from researching and attacking it head on. I truly believe my nerve function was restored in part to his expertise. His genuine care, compassion and encouragement made a huge difference.

Charlie S.

Chronic Fatigue

My experience with Seth Drake at Rocky Mountain was and is transformative. As someone new to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, I appreciated that Set was very clear about what to expect from treatment and how he could help. After 4 months, my energy has dramatically changed. It is truly astounding to me because over the course of treatment, there were so many small changes. And now as I reflect, I am overjoyed with how much better I feel. I have tried a number of things that seemed to only treat symptoms. This work heals at the core of an issue. I would absolutely recommend this clinic for just about anything that you might need help with.

Carol B.

Grave's Disease

I’ve been going to acupuncturists for over 20 years for digestive issues, irregular menstrual cycles and most recently Graves’disease (or overactive/hyper thyroid). For Graves’, in addition to my medication, I tried 2 functional doctors to no avail. I was scared to try acupuncture again because in the past it didn’t work for my Graves. Until I found Seth! I went from struggling with fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, hair loss, trouble sleeping and lack of endurance (Graves symptoms) to energized, focused, happier (friends who didn’t know I was having acupuncture have commented)and sleeping better. Hair loss is minimal, too. I can now beat my husband on our long endurance bike rides and I look forward to exercise where before I would be wiped if I did any cardio. Honestly I haven’t felt this good for a very very long time. What I also like about Seth is that he takes the process one step at a time. I’m not given a bunch of herbs, but just what I need-and they are reasonably priced too.

Kristin F.

Stress and Insomnia

Seth is a great person, he’s very understanding and willing to help with what you need. Will help with mental and physical stuff you’re having problems with. Highly recommend this man.

Terrin R.

Panic Attacks

One of the best, actually the best, experience in my healing journey. Could not recommend Seth more. Don’t skip out on the herbs, a true master at work.

Sarah P.

Neck Pain

Excellent acupuncture clinic! I cannot say enough about the services that Seth can provide. I was refereed to Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Arvada by a close friend for chronic neck pain. I found the clinic to be clean, professional and very calming. My neck feels great and to top it off I am sleeping through the night now!

Jamie R.

Knee Pain due to Osteoarthritis

I’ve been seeing Seth for about 7 weeks for osteoarthritis pain in my knee. After my first session I was amazed at the outcome. Seth is very knowledgeable and takes his time to ensure he understands the issues you are having. Seth, I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I highly recommend Seth for your acupuncture needs. Sue S.

Sarah P.

Ulcerative Colitis

Seth is amazing! He really knows his stuff. He has been successfully treating my Ulcerative Colitis! I have had more success and relief with him after a few months than I had in a decade with allopathic doctors. I had tried another acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist several years ago. That practitioner was stumped by my problems and was completely unhelpful. Not Seth. Seth looked me in the eye with confidence and said he could help me. 🙂 They are not all created equal. Thank you for doing what you do, Seth!

Rebecca M.


Seth is great. He really listens and is a miracle worker. I’ve had 4 to 5 migraines a week for a long time. Now I’m down to one mild one maybe over a two week period. That is a huge quality of life improvement!!!!!

Kim E.

Asthma and IBS

I began treatment with Seth after living on a restrictive low FODMAP diet for years in order to manage my IBS, I was burnt out and decided I wanted to try another approach. Over the course of a few months he customized a treatment plan that has not only relieved me of my stomach pain, but also improved my asthma and overall well being. I cannot recommend his practice enough – absolutely life changing!

Katie F.


I went in to talk with Seth about how I could improve my ability to handle stress and anxiety. After working with him for 3 months I am seeing a total transformation! This super busy, Type A, working mom of 3 was so run down and I couldn’t tackle stress from the smallest rift in our schedule or keep up with the demands of 2020! Taking his recommended herbs and acupuncture sessions has had a major reset and I am feeling so much more apt to tackle the new year! Thanks Seth!!!

Abby W.

Acid Reflux and Anxiety

I started seeing Seth once a week for severe anxiety, GERD, and overall malaise. I discovered that many of my problems were not psychological but physical. After a few months of herbs (which I take religiously), my anxiety and malaise are entirely gone, and my GERD is less acute that I only see him once a month now. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine; Seth is caring, knowledgeable, and sincerely wants to help you feel better.

Sarah M.

Neck and Back Pain

I had Acupuncture before but never Chinese medicine . He told me everything what was going on with me just by taking my pulse and checking my tongue. And he was correct in everything because my endocrinologist and primary doctor told me the same . From the first section of Acupuncture I was relief of my neck and lower back pain at the second section I was more loose and I can’t wait to go to my third. He prepared a tea that do wonders for my joins and muscle pain . Great service for the value and I don’t mine that I have to travel a little bit for my appointment is completely worth it .

Noemi R.

Seasonal Allergies and GERD

I came here with back problems and severe allergy issues (constant congestion, pnd, itchy eyes etc.) that I’ve had for about a decade. After a consultation, Seth was able to setup a program of herbs and acupuncture which completely fixed my issues within 7 sessions. Not only were my allergies and back fixed, but now I sleep better, have more energy, and I’m in a better mood. His knowledge and professionalism made it clear he is an expert in his field. If you are questioning if you need acupuncture, I highly highly recommend Seth

Travis D.

Guttate Psoriasis

I was so grateful to find Seth at Rocky mountain acupuncture!! When we first started working together I was covered in psoriasis and exhausted with an antibiotic and topical steroids that just kept making things worse. Seth was easy to talk to and created a plan that fit my lifestyle. Within 4 weeks I could see a major difference and within 8 weeks it was completely gone!!

Michelle B.

Hip Pain

As an Olympic athlete, I take my physical and mental health maintenance very serious. I always look for my “MVP” team to take care of those needs. Dr. Seth Drake is one of those “MVP’s” for me. His knowledge of Acupuncture has helped with my aches, pains and former injuries, on top of it, his massive understanding of Chinese herbs medicine has helped me fight a very interesting acne and dermatology problems. When I am at his clinic he listens and attends to my more important needs. I am very happy with his treatments and my results.

Sonia M.
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